Baykan Moda houses a micro-factory in its Istanbul headquarters that is able to manufacture garment samples together with wash developments.


This department zooms into the latest trends and sustainable solutions and does researches for advancement in production facility by observing innovations globally.


The technical department that make garment patterns and digitize them for further production to achieve the best look with desired design elements.


This central department is responsible for assembling separate components and making necessary adjustments during the sampling stage. The sewing department in the micro- factory finds suitable sewing solutions to obtain the best result in line with the design, which would also perform effectively during the production stage.


All of the laundry equipment in the micro-factory has been set up with a sustainable approach in order to provide the desired wash of garment. Laundry facility in Istanbul headquarters examines sustainable recipes, measures ‘Environmental Impact Score’ and simulates the production process to achieve consistency after the sampling stage.


The technical development team is another key player during the sample stage and is responsible for offering solutions regarding trims, accessories, and all types of hardware as well as prints, embroideries and embellishments. This team delivers an enhanced knowledge throughout the supply chain to ensure better service and quality while bringing the best materials that fits with the design.